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Periodontal Care
Lakewood, CO

Here at Northstar Dental, we have answers to your periodontal challenges. Periodontal care is a collection of procedures that are used in preventing and treating periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases are dental health issues associated with the gums or the area around the teeth. Periodontal care is part of your periodic dental checkups, but you may need closer and more frequent attention depending on the condition of your gums.

Periodontal problems are mainly a result of poor oral hygiene but can also be inherited from a parent. The first step to preventing periodontal challenges is ensuring you brush and floss your teeth as recommended, and never miss any of your scheduled dental checkups. Unfortunately, ordinary brushing and flossing are never enough. Plague deposits tend to develop in pockets at the spot where the teeth meet the gum. These deposits are often missed by ordinary brushing. Here are some of the periodontal care procedures.

Dental Exam

Periodontal care starts will include regular dental exams. Dental exams are an investigative procedure that seeks to ensure that your dental structures are in perfect condition. We will examine your mouth, especially the teeth and the gums to find out whether any intervention is needed. Any signs or possible causes of periodontal disease will be caught at this point, and our dentist will recommend immediate intervention.

Dental Cleanings

If we do not see any need for you to start treatment for periodontal disease, they will perform a dental cleaning procedure. The procedure is meant to remove any plaque or tartar deposits on your teeth or gums to ensure you are not at any risk of getting periodontal diseases.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

If you have already reached the stage of a gum infection (gingivitis), you should undergo periodontal treatment. The commonly used treatment procedures are root scaling and planning. The procedure to be used if often dependent on the severity of the problem.

Periodontal infections are categorized into three stages, depending on the severity. The first stage is called gingivitis, which is often the stage where the gums start to become infected. They start losing their rigidity, and they become tender. You might experience some inflammation around the gums as well. The next stage is periodontitis, which is often reached when gingivitis is not treated in time. The gums become much weaker at this stage, and the inflammation is more severe. The last stage is known as advanced periodontitis, and it puts you at the risk of losing your teeth.

Preventive interventions for periodontal challenges are quite simple, and that’s why it is advisable that you should never miss your dental checkup appointments.

Call Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 today and find out more about periodontal care and what you ought to do to ensure you never have to deal with periodontal diseases. We are always happy to help to prevent oral health issues, instead of always having to treat them.

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Periodontal Care - Lakewood, CO • Northstar Dental
Periodontal care is a collection of the best procedures to prevent and treat periodontal disease. For the best affordable dentist near you, call Northstar Dental!
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