Types of Dentures

Dentures are an appliance that replaces missing teeth on the upper or lower jaw or both. There are different types of dentures that work in different ways to provide a temporary or permanent solution for replacing a single tooth, or a full set of teeth.

Full Dentures

As the name implies, a full set of dentures includes the upper and lower set of teeth. The denture is made of acrylic and designed to mimic the teeth and gums of the upper or lower jaw. The dentist makes an impression of the natural teeth in silicone and the dentures are made to the exact same measurements. Dentures are removable making them easy to clean and maintain.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture can be one for the upper or lower teeth and are made of the same sturdy acrylic material as the full denture. Partial dentures are appropriate for replacing a few missing teeth and may attach to connecting teeth with a metal clasp to make it fit securely.

A Bridge

This term may not be familiar to some, but it describes a smaller denture that replaces or or two teeth close together using the connecting teeth on either side to secure it. A bridge may be set with dental cement to make it a long-lasting solution for replacing a single tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a more permanent solution and are the most secure. Unlike full dentures and partials, implants are surgically implanted in the jawbone and grafted in with the rest of the teeth. These teeth are not removable and are sturdy enough to eat all kinds of food that is not possible with other types of dentures.

Implants are not the best choice for everyone. You must have healthy gum tissue to be a good candidate for surgical implants because the implant has to bond or graft with the bone to work properly. If the jawbone is weak or thin it may not support an implant.

Immediate or Temporary Dentures

Immediate dentures are crafted from the measurements of a person’s mouth before tooth extraction. They are placed immediately afterward to allow the person to eat, drink, and talk normally while the gums are healing. The permanent dentures will be fitted after the swelling goes down and the gums have healed fully.

Implant-Supported Dentures

The implant-supported denture is the most secure-fitting of the denture types next to single implants. The teeth and plate attach to implants placed in the bone to anchor and secure the plates. This option is for those who have no teeth, but still have enough bone to support the implants.

This type of denture is preferred because the support of the implants makes it possible to eat things like apples and steak without coming loose like regular dentures.

This overview of the different types of dentures available should help you decide which ones may be right for you. Many of these types (a bridge and partial)can work together for a customized solution for tooth loss.