Is It Time For A Deep Cleaning?

Your Lakewood dentist and hygienist aren’t there to judge, they want to restore your faith in the importance of the maintenance of your oral health. If it’s been awhile since your last visit your dentist may schedule you for a “deep cleaning,” otherwise known as scaling and root planing.

The procedure differs from a traditional cleaning in that it involves going to the root of the tooth to remove the plaque and tartar that has collected there as well as from the surface. Since it is a bit more invasive than a regular six month cleaning a deep cleaning can be done over two or more appointments. Treatment will require a local anesthetic and should be followed up with an additional exam to determine results.

Gum recession is commonly associated with gum periodontitis. When the gum tissue breaks away from the teeth it leaves “pockets” that can easily fill with bacteria and become infected. Once the bacteria is removed by deep cleaning the odds of infection will decrease and the tissue will get healthier.

After a deep cleaning, your dentist will recommend that you see the hygienist every three or four months instead of the usual six. As more and more improvement is seen the intervals may get back to normal. A lot will depend on the quality and consistency of home care.

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