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Kids Dentist
Lakewood, CO

Smiling girl sitting in dental chair giving a thumbs up at Northstar Dental in Lakewood, COHere at Northstar Dental, we are very passionate about kids.

We are very experienced when it comes to handling kids, and seek to make them feel at home every time they visit our practice.

Dentistry for kids refers to all dental efforts geared towards ensuring kids have perfect oral health. Kids require close attention while their mouths are developing to ensure they end up in perfect condition.

Unlike grownups, kids must be handled very delicately.

You cannot just ask them to open their mouths wide and start putting dental equipment in their mouth. Most of them are often scared and anxious about the procedures.

Going to the dentist is therefore not something most kids look forward to.

However, our team has changed all that. We know how to connect with the kids, make them feel comfortable, and distract them from the procedures.

Before they know it or feel any discomfort, the procedures are often over and done with.

What Does Dentistry for Kids Entail?

Dentistry for kids encompasses three major aspects.

It involves monitoring the growth and development of kids' dental structures to ensure they develop properly. It also involves preventive measures of any dental challenges that might arise.

Last but not least, it involves intervention and treatment if any challenges do arise.

Apart from these three aspects, dentistry for kids also involves corrective procedures.

Some kids are unfortunate to be born with certain defects in their oral structures. Many of these defects are easy to rectify while the child is still young.

Kids might also receive injuries in their mouth, and require treatment or restorative procedures - all these fall under kids dentistry.

Dentistry for kids is about educating the kids if they are old enough, and the parent as well. Our dentists will not be able to spend all their time with your kids.

As such, they need to educate you and your kid on how to best take care of the kid's teeth. They will also let you know when you should seek their intervention.

You need to know what signs should prompt you to seek professional intervention. Education encompasses aspects such as hygiene, diet, and infection prevention.

When Should Kids First Go To The Dentist?

Many parents often wonder when they should take their kid for their first dental appointment.

According to the American Dental Association, you should take your kid for their first appointment when the first teeth sprout, or within the first two years.

If a kid has not developed teeth within two years, it is a problem that needs closer attention.

Schedule and Learn More Today!

If you are around Lakewood, CO, call Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 today and learn more about our dentistry for kids services.

Better yet, bring your kid to us and let us give him/her all the pampering they need to ensure they end up with perfect dental structures.

Our dentists take pride in being able to make kids happy and give them a brighter smile!

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At Northstar Dental, we are very experienced when it comes to handling kids, and try to make them feel at home every single visit. Learn more here.
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