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Digital Radiography
Lakewood, CO

Dentist reviewing a digital x-ray at Northstar Dental.Here at Northstar Dental, we have the latest and best digital radiography technology, and we use it to make the perfect diagnosis of the various issues facing our patients. Digital radiography is a revolutionary technology that has changed the way x-rays are used in medicine in general. One of the most impressive aspects of this technology is that it exposes you to one tenth the radiation of a traditional x-ray.

The digital radiograph in our clinics features electronic x-rays and sensors that can be shone on specific parts of your mouth. The sensors will capture images which are then transferred to a computer screen. While traditional x-rays are still in use for various reasons in other professions, digital radiography is preferred.

How it Works

The digital radiograph machine features different types of electronic x-rays. Some radiographs rotate around the head, and others are hand-held. The hand-held radiographs are used to target a particular point of your mouth. The radiation is captured by an electronic x-ray sensor that is placed inside your mouth.

The sensor will capture images of anything that blocks the path of the x-ray radiation. The sensor is connected to a computer, and the images captured are displayed on the computer’s screen. It is a very easy setup that ensures the x-rays images are produced instantly. Traditional x-rays machines, however, are cumbersome and setting them up is a hassle. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of digital radiography.

High-Quality Images

The images produced through digital radiography are quite impressive. Traditional x-ray images have to be produced on a standard sized film. This makes it difficult to manipulate the image in any way while observing it. Digital radiographs are easy to work with. We can crop them, zoom, shrink, and perform all other kinds of modification. This makes it easy for our team to analyze the image and get a better diagnosis from it.

Digital radiographs are also easy to transfer and share. Our dentists can easily consult with other experts, even when they are far away. This allows for quick consultations among our dentists, hence better services to our patients.

Environmentally Friendly

Digital radiographs do not involve any photographic films. Processing x-ray images on photographic films often involve some toxic chemicals. When the x-ray image films are done with, they are often discarded in garbage bins and end up in landfills in most instances. The chemicals used while processing them are harmful to the environment. Although the lab attendants who normally process these x-rays images are highly experienced, it is also best that they do not have to handle the chemicals anymore.

Digital radiographs have indeed made it easy for our dentists to provide better services. Call Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 and learn more about digital radiographs and the other interesting technologies that we use to provide excellent services to our patients.

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At Northstar Dental, we have the latest digital radiography technology. We use it to make the perfect diagnosis of the various issues facing our patients.
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