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Dental Bonding
Lakewood, CO

Young man smiling after getting cosmetic dental bonding at Northstar Dental in Lakewood, COOur experts at Northstar Dental believe that everyone deserves a better smile, which can be achieved through dental bonding. At our office, our experts usually apply a composite plastic (resin), resembling the color of your repair chipped, fractured, decayed or discolored teeth. This dental bonding process is not as complicated as dental veneers, which must be manufactured in a laboratory and to be customized to fit well. Dental bonding can be done within a single day visit to our dentist.

Why Do We Recommend Bonding?

This is one of the most cost-effective and easiest cosmetic dental procedure that you can get in our offices. Our experts can polish and shape the composite resin we use in bonding to match the adjacent teeth. Most patients usually seek bonding for cosmetic purposes. This assists in improving the appearance of chipped or discolored teeth.

Also, bonding helps in closing the gaps between teeth, changing the color or shape of teeth, or making teeth longer. At times, our professionals can use dental bonding as a substitute for amalgam fillings. It can be used to protect the roots of your teeth if they have been exposed as a result of the gums receding.

Preparing For Bonding

You don’t need any preparation before this cosmetic dental procedure. We don’t use anesthesia unless we are performing this procedure to a patient with decayed teeth.

How Dental Bonding Is Done

Our dentists usually rely on a shade guide to choose the right color for the composite resin. This color should match the color of the adjacent teeth. After our dentists chose the correct color, they will proceed to etch or abrade the surface of your tooth to make it rough. Next, they apply a conditioning liquid to coat it. This assists the bonding material we use to adhere to the tooth.

Now, our dentists will apply a resin resembling putty to the tooth after preparing it. The resin, which is tooth colored, is then molded and shaped until the right shape is achieved. We then use a laser or ultraviolet light to harden the resin. Once the bonding resin hardens, our dentists proceed to further shape and trim it. Then, the material is polished until it matches the adjacent teeth.

Generally, our dentists will need around 30 minutes to one hour for this procedure to be complete. However, patients who need the procedure performed on more than one tooth might need to schedule several visits.

What Are The Risks Of Bonding?

We use composite resin in this dental procedure. However, this resin is not as strong as your natural teeth. Therefore, you should avoid chewing on hard materials or ice, or biting your fingernails. The bonding material will last for several years before we repair it.

Its durability will depend on your dental hygiene, oral habits, and how the bonding was done. In the event, you notice sharp edges on your bonded teeth, or you have strange feelings on your teeth as you bite down on food, kindly contact Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 for assistance.

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Our professional experts at Northstar Dental believe that everyone deserves a better smile, which can be achieved through dental bonding. Click here to learn more.
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