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CEREC Tooth Crown
Lakewood, CO

Hands prepping CEREC machine at Northstar Dental in Lakewood, COThe professional experts at Northstar Dental understand that are many reasons you might need a dental crown.

At our offices, we use dental crowns for patients with teeth that are decayed and cannot be repaired through fillings. We also recommend crowns for patients with broken or cracked teeth, root canal therapy patients, or those with cosmetic issues.

It is now possible for this procedure to be done in one appointment, thanks to the CEREC technology. CEREC crowns can assist one to regain smile and confidence within a short period.

So, What Is CEREC?

At our offices, we use CEREC, which is a high-tech procedure that enables patients to get dental crowns fixed within one day.

This means the diagnosis and fixing of dental crowns happens in one day. It only requires a few hours for this procedure to be complete.

This procedure relies on CAM/CAD technology to create a dental crown. The CEREC machine uses innovative digital imaging technology, which helps in taking images of affected teeth.

It is important to note that this technology is very accurate and detailed. The new tooth is made from a ceramic material and then bonded to the affected tooth after our experts have prepared and finished.

Here Is the Process of Getting A CEREC Dental Crown

You only need a one-day visit at our offices to get a CEREC crown fixed. This process is very easy and fast compared to the process of fixing normal crowns.

When you visit our offices, our dentists will take digital x-rays and oral examinations to determine whether a dental crown is necessary. Our experts will then proceed to prepare the tooth for the dental crown. We rely on an intraoral camera to get a digital impression and images of the affected tooth.

Next, our CEREC software uses the images to create a model of your tooth. This model guides our dentists to create a restoration of your tooth on advanced software.

Interestingly, the machine passes the complete model to a milling machine in our offices that mills the crown. This machine then mills a plaque resistant and high-grade ceramic material to complete the creation of the new crown.

The dentist will need to do some final touches to your restoration before fixing the crown on your tooth. Mostly, there are little or no adjustments done. Almost every CEREC crown produced in our offices is perfect in size, shade, and shape, which helps in complementing the patient's smile.

When you visit our offices for this procedure, you can rest assured that your smile and confidence will be ultimately restored.

What Are the Benefits of a CEREC Crown

Once we fix your CEREC crown, it will feel and look like your natural tooth.

Also, since we use 3D imaging technology to match the ceramic material with the color of your tooth, the crown fits perfectly into your smile and bite. Furthermore, this process takes only a couple hours to complete.

If you are around Lakewood, CO and need Cosmetic or Restorative dental services to get that smile you have always desired, contact Northstar Dental at (303) 481-3901 today! Our experts will recommend the best treatment option for you.

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At Northstar Dental, with CEREC technology it is possible for dental crowns to be done in one appointment. Click here to learn more about CEREC Crowns.
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