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When Is a Crown Necessary Over a Filling?

Posted on 3/20/2020 by Northstar Dental
When Is a Crown Necessary Over a Filling?You have been told you need a crown, but do you know why? There are several reasons to get a dental crown. It depends on the health of your tooth and the size of the filling in many cases, whether you are going to get a traditional filling or if you need to be upgraded to a crown. Here are some of the times you could wind up needing a crown.

Reasons for a Crown

It could be that you have a very large filling that is failing, because the fact is that fillings just don't last forever, and even fillings can get cavities under them and around them. So, when this happens to a cavity, it actually needs to be replaced. But, when you replace a broken filling and the cavity comes out there comes a point where that tooth has to be capped, otherwise the tooth will just break apart. That crown will be necessary to hold and protect that tooth from more cavities.

Some Crowns Need Replacing

Sometimes if you already have a dental crown it will need to be replaced. It might need to be replaced for any number of reasons, perhaps there is a cavity or some decay under your crown, perhaps your crown fell out, maybe it broke or there are some dark lines around it and you just don't like the way it looks or perhaps you've had a root canal, and this will help keep the tooth from breaking apart.

Cracked Teeth Often Get Crowns

Another good reason could be that you have a tooth that is cracking. When you bite or chew, there is an incredible pain in your teeth. When that happens, the chance of you having a crack in your tooth is pretty good. It is important to call the dental office right away with this one as soon as possible. If the crack reaches the gum roots, it may not be able to be fixed.

At times, having a crown or a veneer is the only way that your beautiful smile is going to be restored. The materials they have available now for crowns make it possible for anyone to have an amazing, natural looking smile with crowns and veneers.

We Can Help
If you find that you need a crown, don't be afraid to ask us why. We will gladly explain the benefits that come with putting a crown over your damaged tooth.
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