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Permanent Retainers: Benefits and Drawbacks

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Northstar Dental
Permanent Retainers: Benefits and DrawbacksAlso known as bonded retainers, dentists attach permanent retainers to the lingual side of the teeth. Retainers are perfect for keeping teeth aligned immediately after taking off your braces. Since dentists place them on the lingual side of teeth, we do not see retainers when smiling or talking, but this is just one of the many benefits of permanent retainers. If you are considering getting permanent retainers, here are the benefits and drawbacks;

Benefits of Permanent Retainers

Permanently Installed in The Mouth

By far, the most important benefit of retainers is that you do not have to take them on and off. Thus, unlike with removable retainers, it is impossible to misplace them.

Helps To Keep Your Teeth Aligned

Dentists place retainers immediately after braces to keep the teeth aligned. Permanent retainers will ensure that they align your teeth throughout.

Saves On Time

When permanent retainers are installed in the teeth, you do not have to take them out before meals and with other activities. This will ensure that you save on time that you would probably use to take the retainers on and off all the time.

Drawbacks of Permanent Retainers

Brushing And Flossing Becomes Difficult

Once you have permanent retainers on, it will become a hassle to brush or floss your teeth correctly. This means that your chances of getting cavities and gum diseases will increase. You will need to keep up with your dentist appointments to ensure that this does not happen. It is also imperative that you clean around the retainers thoroughly daily.

Permanent Retainers Can Be Uncomfortable

Sometimes, permanent retainers can be uncomfortable because of the metal. Your tongue will probably rub on the wires severally and this may lead to irritation and sometimes inflammation.

Attachment Process May Be Long

Attaching each individual tooth to the retainers can be tiresome and lengthy. Therefore, once you go to get your retainers installed, be prepared to be at the dentist's office for some time.

Finally, remember to be careful when eating crunchy foods as they could break the wire. If you are thinking about installing retainers, it is best to consult your dentist who can further guide you.
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