Make More Saliva

Did you know that the digestion of your food actually begins in your mouth? It starts when you chew your food, breaking it down into a consistency that makes it easier to swallow. The moisture from the saliva in your mouth is essential to the process. In order to keep the system moving along as it should you need to do everything you can to encourage a healthy flow of saliva.

Not all gum is bad for your teeth. In fact, the mere act of chewing activates saliva making sugarless gum and crisp fruits and vegetables perfect choices. Saliva washes away bacteria and food debris. Drinking enough water during your day will not only keep you from becoming dehydrated but it will benefit your oral health as well by adding to the flow of your saliva.

Without a sufficient supply of saliva, you could develop xerostomia, otherwise known as dry mouth, which is a condition that could lead to chronic bad breath or even gum disease. It can also affect your tastebuds so that the foods and drinks that you have always enjoyed will not seem so flavorful.

There is no “normal” when it comes to what is an adequate amount of saliva, needs differ from person to person. Only your dentist can determine if you need to boost your level, one more reason to keep up with those regularly scheduled checkups. Make that appointment today, call Northstar Dental @ 303-993-0945 in Lakewood, CO.