Is It Time For An Update?

It’s important that your Lakewood dentist is kept apprised of any changes in your dental health. That’s why he uses the latest in x-ray technology to monitor the condition of your teeth and gums and note any significant changes that may require professional attention. It is also important that he be informed of any changes to your medical situation such as a new medication or a revision of the dosage of one that you have been taking over time. A lot of dental procedures require a local anesthetic. Your dental team needs to be aware of any risk for harmful drug interaction.

Contact information should also be updated at regular intervals. Office schedulers need to be able to reach patients to remind them of an upcoming appointment or advise them of the necessity to reschedule. Emergency numbers for personal and medical contacts must be kept current for the safety and peace of mind of the patient.

Your dental office will let you know when it’s time to update your records so that you can make arrangements to allow a little extra time to fill out any necessary forms and provide any new information that may be pertinent. Bring a list of current medications to make sure that they are recorded correctly.

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